Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Brick 35 Years in the Making and the Random Song of the Day

Last night, I enjoyed a game with Matt Musico and Michael Lecolant of Rising Apple. On the way out of the Rotunda, Michael said he had a brick somewhere "over there", which is the only negative one in a sea of positives. He told us the story as we looked for the red one.

One night, he was in a bitter mood about the Mets, and his wife asked him what he wanted his brick to say. "1977 still hurts." A couple weeks later, he asked her if she sent the brick request in already. She said, "Yeah, of course." This made him laugh, not having expected his brick, when he set out to get one, to actually say something like that. But it worked for him. 

Just to the left of the rotunda we looked, and simply couldn't find the brick. Then, I noticed a set of bricks further to the outside of the plaza, and said, "It's probably there." Sure enough, Matt found it, surrounded by bricks such as "Let's Go Mets!!!" and "Mets Fan through and through" was "1977 Still Hurts; Michael Lecolant."

Michael is a Mets fan through and through as well, and isn't afraid to let them know when they broke his and everyone's heart.

(I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the brick. Just look for it; you've been given directions on where to find it.)

A favorite of mine I came across while searching was "If you build it, the Mets will win!!!!"


Here's the Random Song of the Day.


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  1. Hahahahaha! If I had a chance to change my brick now, I wouldn't!

  2. It's perfect, and a sentiment to how many people feel, especially in the 2nd week of June every year. "That really happened?"