Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Spoils of 6

I ventured out to Citi Field Monday evening for the first game taken in together by a few of us Rising Apple Folk. We got tickets in the Pepsi Porch, the first time any of us had sat up there.

I certainly was dreaming of an Ike Davis Bomb, but where his 2 home runs of the evening landed sufficed. 30 home runs. Fantastic turnaround after a historically bad start.

I'm still not sure what to make of Mejia, since he had 70 pitches through 3 innings, but he settled down to go 5 shutout frames. Undecided on his role going forward, but must give props where props are due. His best Major League start so far and we were thrilled to take it in live.

It was very refreshing after my last game to have a 6 run lead for most of it, as I'm sure it was for many (oxymoron these days) Mets fans in the stands. Even though those tight games are what baseball is really all about when it comes down to it, but, at least this time around, I liked feeling a lot better about having the game in the bag.

Afterwards, I got gas at the corner of 114th Street and Roosevelt, and I'm waiting for the attendant when I noticed a man signing a credit card receipt at the pump on my left.

"Is that...Is that Ruben Tejada?" 

It was. Fillin' up his Black Camaro.

He got out of that Citi quickly.

I'm heading out there next for "Closing Day", Thursday at 1 to watch RA go for the 20th.

Let's finish strong and continue to drive the dagger into those Black and Yellow Bucs.


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