Monday, September 24, 2012

A walk-off Sunday and the Random Song of the Day

My, that was lovely. As the only time in a long time I've been able to watch back-to-back games, I reveled in the opportunity. Luckily, I DVRed it so we could get a Sunday drive in. It might have been the least smoggy day I have ever seen in this town. What an early autumn day. As we crossed into Manhattan on the Queensboro Bridge, every vivid detail of every single building could be seen. One of the best visions of my city I have ever come across. 

It only made it that much better to come home to a Sweep of a Walk-off. I dosed off a little early, being rather tired from The Zeal of the Zealot wrap party. But I never made it more that a 30 seconds or so, doing whatever I could to make sure I took in every single pitch of the game. Though, by the end of it, I was watching some of the top halves on fast forward so I could permanently click over to the Jets game (Some odd comfortability I currently have with the bullpen.) I was probably about 5 minutes behind the live feed when Ruben Rocked.

And then my football team walked off as well, which can even be done on the road in that game.

Headin' to the Citi tonight for the first game with some of my fellow Rising Apple folks. Should be fun. 

Let's Snipe Some Pirates.


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