Monday, September 3, 2012

The Ever Bending Road To Nowhere

My Dad and I drove back to his upstate house this afternoon, while the Mets and the Cardinals had that kind of one where you know at the end of the day, it's probably not going to fall on your side. 

We were almost halfway through when the game got started on my At Bat, not yet close enough to truly pick up frequency 660. All 4 runs McHugh gave up came while listening to the App.

Around the 7th, when we had gotten off the highway to take a scenic route into the depths of New York State and its rolling beauty. My phone wasn't picking up reception, so I decided to try the radio again, and sure enough, there was enough non-static to get what was going on. Baxter got a walk, and then Shoppach launched it. I pumped my face as the road bended with the land.

I had service again right before the bottom of the 7th, and since one earpiece was still in my ear, it came back on. And sure enough, the Cardinals scored a run off the combined ehness of Robert Carson and Bobby Parnell. A little after that, the phone stopped working again. I threw the earpiece down and turned the radio on again.

Because we kid ourselves that it means something, Daniel Murphy hit a 2-run home run once the static wasn't as visible. Another pumped fist, another little town went by. The static got real bad at one point and my dad begged me to try the phone again. With the rally going, I said, "No. We're gonna battle through it." Once I turned on the appropriate road to turn on, Kelly Shoppach struck out, and the inning was over.

We got back right as the top of the 9th was done. I went into the house and turned my dad's TV on. Andres Torres had a great At Bat, and really worked to get that double. To my eyes on the Freeze Cam, he was safe, but Torres should have taken a better route to the base regardless. It should have never been that close. But there it was. And the ballgame was over. We had reached nowhere.

Slightly, a fitting ending to a great Upstate weekend. With so many highs while driving to the thruwaybiking through the woods, and Fishing by the Bay, there had to be one where we're almost there, but not quite enough. That's just the way it is sometimes.

I like our chances with Harvey and RA on the mound. The next two games should be quite interesting.

Let's slice the wings off of those red things.


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