Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barbequed Brisket and the Random Song of the Day

Ended up staying the night upstate before we head back down the 2-hour drive. It was a crazy weekend, filled with bike riding and Barbeque.  I had a Sandwich called Brisket Bleu, which consisted of "BBQ beef topped with caramelized onion and crumbly bleu cheese, drizzled with cherry bomb sauce." Yeah. It was that good. I have discovered that if you're gonna have bacon on your sandwich (and why would you not?) bleu cheese is the best dairy complement. I also tried a bite of my dad's salmon and that was fantastic as well. If you're ever in the Rochester/Henrietta area (you know, for a Red Wings game or somethin'), do yourself a favor and Get Your Lips Sticky.

I'm gonna go drive.

Here's the Random Song of the Day.


(This song was originally recorded in 1965, but this video certainly wasn't. I'd say that's most likely a 70's beard by the Oldie, quite possibly even an 80's beard.)

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