Tuesday, March 27, 2012

David Wright, Johan Santana and the 9 days Till Greenery

I woke up this morning and realized there are 9 days till there is a baseball field sprawled out in front of me. Amazing. And it will only get more amazing as the days get closer and the jubilation commences.

Yesterday, David Wright, returning from an abdomen strain, went 1 for 2 against the Cardinals in a 6-3 Mets win. He made a great diving stop to his right to save a double and throw a red bird out. It looked fantastic on SNY Sportsnite. It was a nice test to see how those abs hold up.  Needless to say (its funny how we always say what is needless right after saying that phrase…) he needs a big year from himself and we need a big year from himself. I look forward to seeing how the walls play.

IN 9 DAYS!!!!!!

Johan Santana started and struggled early, but settled down to only give up 2 runs and 4 hits in 5 innings on 83 pitches. Most pitchers, let alone one coming off major shoulder surgery, have a period around the end of spring training where their arm is a little dead as they build up stamina, so the fact that he struggled early and then settled down is a great sign to me. He seems to be just another pitcher going through the regular spring training routine. Not one coming off major shoulder surgery. Hopefully we will all see him pitch in 9 days.

9 days.

In other news, the Mets came to terms on a minor league deal for Chris Young. Remember him? He’s that really tall, smart dude who pitched lights out in 4 starts for us last year? This low risk, high reward signing does nothing but add depth to our rotation, and hopefully he has healed enough to help us down the road of 2012.

Which starts in 9 days.

The Mets take on the Braves at the Domain today at 1 pm on SNY. Chris Schwinden will take on the Braves. RA Dickey will pitch in a minor league game because he'll face the Braves on April 7.

Which is in 11 days.

Here’s Ruben Tejada.

That song wasn't terrible, but here's some Sublime anyway:

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