Monday, March 26, 2012

The Future is Right Around the Corner, But For Now, It Gets Shelled

Matt Harvey pitched for the Mets yesterday and got obliterated in one inning of work, allowing 5 runs on 3 long balls. The Mets lost to the Nationals 0-12. Stephen Strausberg shut them down for 5 scoreless innings. Contrary to what I said yesterday, I'm glad this game wasn't on TV.

The training room continued to receive people through its revolving door when Jason Bay bruised his right forearm on a Hit By Pitch. It's probably not that bad, though. Garret Olson, one of the leading southpaws to replace Tim Byrdak on opening day, also has a bruise, this one on the palm of his left hand suffered from a line drive in a minor league game. Every team has to go through the injury bug (especially the Phillies right now) it just seems to be magnified by the New York media and the Mets recent history.

David Wright, who has been sidelined with an abdominal strain, will start his first Spring game at third today when the Mets take on Cardinals in Jupiter. It's nice to see his name in the line-up. 1-8 is starting to round out. But just in time for Jason Bay's name to be absent.

Anyway, here's RA Dickey.

And to combat how bad the music edited over that was, here's about 11 minutes of Parliament's Flash Light:

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