Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Day That Got Away From Me

Earlier in the week, my buddy went to pay rent to his roommate, whom he was subletting from, and was told he should hold onto it because they're probably gonna have to move soon.

Yada, Yada, friend was awoken by cops yesterday telling him he had to pack his bags and get outta there or else he was gonna get locked up. Turns out the guy he was renting from had known for about six months that he was gonna have to get out, but failed to mention this to the people he was taking money from. My friend knew his rights and understood he could have probably gotten a lawyer and stayed there longer, but he's got a lot of other priorities and didn't want to drag the situation out. So, yesterday evening, I helped him move his stuff out and unfortunately never got a chance to watch the Mets Braves game, which the Mets lost 5-7.

All for the better, actually, so I didn't end up over-analyzing a meaningless Mets spring training game started by Chris Schwinden.

I have wanted to get back to more posts about random Mets thoughts rather than just specifically analyzing the televised spring training games, but alas, most days have been getting away from me.

And until I am a professional screenwriter, and my job is primarily in baseball, film and television, days will continue to get away from me.

So I will keep pushing hard towards those goals.

But do look forward to tomorrow when there will be an over-analysis of a meaningless Mets Nationals Spring Training game televised today on SNY.

And with luck and determination, I'll fit something else in. 

8 more days till baseball.

Here's some clichรจ symbolism.

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