Friday, September 28, 2012

Done Dickey Deal

As the excitement grows for a game you are going to, it never plays out in your head as a come-from-behind victory. At least for me, but for most you too, right? In my head, the Mets score a couple runs early and R.A. Dickey throws a perfect game. That's not exactly what happened, but how that game played out was certainly one of the biggest baseball thrills in my lifetime.

For most of the game, I sat next to the father of my friend on the inside who got me the tickets, up the 3rd base line in the outfield. I kept saying to him, "They're gonna do it. They're gonna get him the runs he needs."

I met up with Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing behind my section in the middle of the 5th. He was only a couple of sections over, but when I tried with my 110 ticket to go say hi to him in 114 earlier in the game, the green guys didn't allow it, (a fact I will not get into right now because on the last day of the season it perturbed me to no avail.) Anyway, as we were catching up and talking Mets, it. All happened. Much needed good luck after the first 2 games we took in together did not exactly pan out well for the Metsies.

Is the best part of all this how juiced the crowd was all day for R.A.? Was the best part that our All-Time Hits Leader got that much closer to the Home Run Record with a 20-win-clinching bomb? Was the best part that Jon Rauch didn't blow it so I could actually appreciate this catch?

Yeah. That might be it.

If you haven't seen it, your eyes will yell at you for taking so long. In context, this hypothetical Mike Baxter home run would have tied the game at 2 in the 2nd inning. Being up the 3rd base line in right field, we had a pretty solid view of the Mo's Zone. Off the top of my head, before I link it ('cause I'll do that in the editing process,) I cannot remember the player's name. I certainly cannot remember witnessing a better catch in my baseball history as well. I've seen some catches. This guy reached around 5 FEET OVER THE NEW MO'S ZONE WALL. HIS ENTIRE ARM IS OVER THE WALL. Unbelievable. There was definitely a buzz throughout the crowd after that. So good, I might actually frame it one know, now that the Mets won that game. They don't win that game, they lose 7-6 or something along those lines, THAT'S the catch that would have denied them the victory. Spectacular. It's unfortunate that my camera was out of commission for the day, but the image is certainly burned into my brain. (When you watch the video, I gotta give Howie the best call of the play. "HIGHWAY ROBBERY!") Oh, yeah, and that's an easy fly ball last year. Much more excitement with those walls WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG.

(And something I looked at Keith without his 'stache....I couldn't see him without it. The 'stache was still in how my mind's eye perceived him. His upper lip was also extremely white from zero sun for 20 or so years.)

I have praised Robert Allen a bunch here. If you've been reading this blog throughout 2012 (and I must say thank you once more) then you know I am not surprised by this kind of season from our knuckleballer. He is an inspiration, and I look forward to several more years of the Knuckleball Wobble.

They did it. 

They actually did it. 

They got RA his 20th and they got to double-digits in 2nd half home wins. Only 10 after the All-Star Break (6 of which happened in their last 7), but I don't care. They obviously need to clean up their 2nd half act from now on, but it doesn't take away from how much fun I had at Citi Field this season. I saw a ridiculous 9th inning comeback against the Phillies, I saw RA get his 20th, I saw the 1st Mets no-hitter, and many, many more.

Yes, we want October baseball in Citi Field.

But I can't thank the Mets enough for some spectacular memories.

The 50th Anniversary season has been nothing short of Amazin'.

The 2012 New York Mets.


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