Friday, September 28, 2012

Here's to the Mets and the Song of the Day

"Honestly, what are people like us going to be — not Mets fans?

There are worse things than rooting for a bad ballclub. There is nothing better than rooting for your ballclub, good or bad, especially when you know you’re not alone. I am reminded annually of how unalone I am in this endeavor on Closing Day."

--Greg Prince, Sunset Grill, Faith and Fear in Flushing

The Mets Fan Incarnate himself says exactly what all us diehards feel and think about yesterday's events and the ballclub itself, set to Don Henley's own Sunset Grill. There's no point in me summing the Closing Day post up any more than that. Do yourself a favor and head on over as soon as you can.

I was happy to travel to my 2nd Closing Day, and happy to share it with Greg and several thousand patrons.

And while, he links to a Miami Vice rendition of the song, I present to you...

Sunset Grill...with Sunsets.

See what I did there?

The Song of the Day.


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