Thursday, September 27, 2012

The End is Nigh and the Song of the Day

All of a sudden
The End is Nigh
Only 7 games left
One we'll take in nearby

It's been quite the season
Forget about the collapse
We're that much closer
To setting NL booby traps

It was quite the celebration
Of the 50th Anniversary
Though sometimes it was like
The Mets were still in the nursery

But that's what you get
It only felt right
To live a hybrid season
Of Mets history in our sight

So ne'er any of you fret
Dry those tearing eyes
One day the promised land will been seen
And maybe multiply

But for now, the final home game is here
And there's nothing we can do
But sit back, relax and enjoy the show
Stop acting like a fool.
This is your team
There is no other
What's really your excuse?

You've got RA to enjoy today
So, go put on your shoes.

There's one more game at home to take in.
One more game of baseball for our souls.
Before we say hello to winter
Let us one more time rock N roll.


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