Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Legacy

For me, it's hard to think about the Mets and see the Mets without thinking about the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. There's a legacy, lineage and likenesss there, and it's always evident in my eyes.

Now, a man from Long Island named Steven Matz did something on Sunday that even his grandfather had never seen, who is, was and will ever be a die-hard Brooklyn Dodgers fan from Bay Ridge, born in 1933.

He didn't STOP being a Dodgers fan because it was his choice. They were taken away from him.

But he did have a choice of becoming a Mets fan, because...well, wait, actually....as he explains it, he didn't there either:
“We couldn’t change our loyalty to the Yankees. There was no way,” said Moller, who currently resides in Commack, LI. “Then the Mets came along, and we’ve been with them through all the years, the good years and the bad years.”
--New York Post 
It's crazy to say this, but that is, in some way, what Omar Minaya got right. Being a Queens kid himself, something deep down inside must have had that legacy in mind when drafting Steven Matz as the 72nd overall selection in the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft. Sure, he probably didn't know yet how deep the roots go, but still, mysterious ways are the ways it works sometimes.

The Mets are a unique beast. The team and its region and legion of Mets fans are the only of their kind to exist because two teams abandoned the New York National League Way of Life, with one abandoning the BROOKLYN way of life, period. Nothing exists like us anywhere else in this world. That didn't happen to any other city or state of fans.

And no pitcher since 1914 has collected 4 RBI's and 3 hits in his debut, and the ONLY PITCHER EVER to collect 4 RBI's in the debut as well.

Talk about a legacy.

This kid's got it.

New York National League to the MATZ.


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