Monday, June 22, 2015


This town breeds dysfunction from it's sports teams. Who knows what it is exactly. But the majority of the teams have led dysfunctionally the majority of their existences.

There are really only 3 teams that have consistently won: the Yankees, the Giants of Football (American), and the Rangers; even THOSE teams are not prone to the NYC dysfunction.

The Yankees are in a category all to their own (of winning AND disfunction.) So, forget them. And you know what? F%<K 'EM, TOO!

The Rangers are really the most consistent team in New York sports, and yet they are STILL owned and operated by the asshole scumbag filled with douches known as James Dolan, who has ruined the Knicks enough to have to put the task at hand into a man's hands who seemingly has functioned as well as anyone ever could over his career in sports...


The Rangers have certainly been dysfunctional throughout their consistent winning, failing to win a Stanley Cup in the last 21 years because every year, they play 6-7 games consistently deep into the playoffs, and look worn down by the time they lose. They need some 5 gamers here.

The Nets have introduced a whole new type of dysfunction to a borough that, for years, knew of and rooted for dem bums, who got that nickname in the 30's because they had been mostly, except for two years when they lost in the World Series (up until that point), a terribly awful team. A player named Babe Herman was once said to have "doubled into a double play" or "tripled into a double play" or whatever.

  • "The Dodgers have three men on base!"
  • "Oh, yeh? Which base?"[2]

THAT'S dysfunction.

And the Islanders, though not EXACTLY part of the city, until next year, were unbelievable for 4 straight years, and then were awful for most of the years since.

The Jets? Need I say more.

And then, there's the Mets. They put the FUNK in dysfunction.

The Mets have been funky when they win. And they've been funky when they lose.

Every time you think you've seen it all, they find new ways to make you roll your eyes.

The truth is that it is the most realistic. The struggle is what most of us are going through, and CERTAINLY some more than others.

We live paycheck to paycheck, trying like hell to keep our heads above water. It is certainly more relatable.

But even in the everyday Metropolitan struggle, at least the average New Yorker who is struggling with money functions regularly. The same can't be said for the NYC sports franchises. And that definitely can't be said about Wilpons, owner of the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club.

What can you do?

...The most rhetorical question said about this team...I'm sure it's hashtagged somewhere attached to #Mets.


I'm gonna go keep writing screenplays.



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