Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where's the Black Cat When You Need It?

This offense just feels like a corpse most of the time, and the fanbase can hardly stand another 1-0 loss.

What is Jon Niese to do? He obviously knows his role on this team....and at this point, his role is to keep pitching that way so he can get back any kind of role player of some kind of, or something....Just, Just get us SOMETHING, please, Mr. Niese. I wouldn't give my left hand to get you off this team, because I'm a southpaw like you, for one, but I bet you'd give up your left shoulder to get off this team and stop losing 1-0.

The Mets have yet to figure out the Cubs this year, and they have two more chances to do it. Once upon a time, a black cat ran across the division-leading Cubs' dugout at Shea Stadium, and the Mets went onto win the division and win the World Series. These days, it feels like black cats run across every offensive player's dugout.

In an ironic twist, an Orange Creamsicle-colored cat randomly showed up in 2009 on Opening Day at Citi Field. They lost 6-5 to the Padres, if you recall. I hope you recall HOW they got to that point (echoed-Pedro Feliciano and Mike Pelfrey, Echrm Echem.)

Now, this kinda makes sense if you know anything about Queens...there are lots of alley cats and it isn't out of the realm of possibility that's what that cat was, and he just happened to get lost on his way to the next old milk carton.

Maybe, since it wasn't the curs-ed black cat, it was the Ghosts of Upper Manhattan...the ORANGE side of things, cursing us for ignoring them in our presentation of New York National League history and legacy ("Where's the Giants Willie New York Road Jersey in the team shop, ey?! Those things would sell like HOTCAKES!")

Maybe THAT'S what this has all been about...

Or maybe they just need a better offense.


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