Friday, April 10, 2015

Ya Know...'Cause Harvey's Better

The early start surprised me a day or two before the event. But nonetheless, I was prepared to tune in at 1. Though I didn't prepare properly.

It wasn't like I wasn't awake for a sufficient enough of time to plug my phone in and get a proper charge. I just didn't. Thinking I could get it done with 31% left. I left E 18th and Church in Brooklyn listening to Howie and Josh, then eventually finding myself on Ocean Ave when the Brooklyn CITY Historian Ron Schweiger called me about the 11am ET podcast taking place today with myself and him talking about the NYC transit system and...sorry. I lost my digital breath there.

But the gist of it was after I got off the phone with him, and found Harvey in his first inning striking out Bryce Harper, I was turning the Ocean Ave corner that connects to Flatbush, where the Ebbets Field Apartments come into frame, and where the once-upon-a-time ballpark came into frame.

On Flatbush, directly looking at the Ebbets plot across the botanical garden's way, is the Lefferts House, which you see here. I got the picture off, and at 19%, Howie and Josh faded, and my battery completely died, as I was in the middle of walking the long Flatbush stretch of Prospect Park.

So, completely off the grid, I marched up Flatbush Ave, passing Grand Army Plaza, finally going underground at its 2/3 stop towards Manhattan.

At some point underground, completely unaware of what was going on above, and miles away in DC, I asked someone with a charged phone what the time was (it was the older 3 train. No time readings.)

It was 2:01.


Who knows what time I finally reached the game I was searching for, as well as the power source I needed, but before I did, I walked the 42nd St strip of Times Sq, from 7th to 8th, passing the Yankees Clubhouse store where I wondered whether they had the game on (I glanced. They didn't), stopping for money at 9th, pausing at the Dalton's windows to catch a glimpse of the score, only to find a commercial.

I then scurried to Rudy's Bar & Grill, right next to Two Boots Pizza Hell's Kitchen, of where I am employed, and whom have graciously given me tickets to April 14, 2015 at Citi Field, where, if you remember, they have our great pizza.

When I arrived at the literal wooden bar, in my bright big-logoed orange Mets shirt, I asked a guy with a Brooklyn Cyclones hat what the score was.


I rejoiced. I ordered two hot dogs for breakfast, hold the buns, with sides of ketchup and mustard. And I chomped down, watched the game, and had my hot dogs with some Matzos.

And of course, A Brooklyn Lager.

And combined with a great night in Two Boots, it was a perfect #HarveyDay.

I can't wait for the next one.


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