Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DC Like it Oughta Be

It was only 6 in the morning on April 6, 2015, when I took off for DC, settling into my Megabus seat with my first fresh post since July 18, 2014, and a freshly-signed-up-for Instagram account. For someone who is all about taking pictures to go with my words, why it took this long, I have NO idea.

Please, head on over and follow the new account, if you're someone on the Gram they call Insta.

I was able to walk all over town, beforehand and afterwards. DC is an unbelievable place to use your legs, and I was even able to get on their equivalent of a Citibike, called "Capitol Bikeshare," after the game.

The area around the park, in one particular spot, has another plot of land to fill what the Dodgers would have loved to have somewhere in Brooklyn. A humongous flat plot of land that has no signs of any ground having been broken for any sort of construction project. Other areas right around there, however, are building towards the sky, with what I can imagine will be offices, residents, and shopping. So much land and the redevelopment of the area makes sense since it is the Navy Yard section of Washington.

I entered from the outfield side, and was able to walk around the whole park before I found Darren Meenan and The 7 Line Army in the left field section, and parked myself.

The place is pretty nice, and I look forward to giving it a more thorough exploration next time I'm down there.

There's no way I had any idea at the time the Mets were being no-hit, until I realized Curtis Granderson had been the only baserunner with a couple of walks. I never felt the nervousness that one could feel when it comes to the Mets possibly getting no-hit (remember that game in 2014?!) although lately they've always manage to break it up, though still look pathetic.

Well, on Monday, the Mets did not look pathetic. It's only one game, and we have Jacob and Matt going the next two, but between Ian Desmond and Dan Uggla, they looked the way we are used to certain Mets 2nd Basemen look when the "Teix Message" is rounding 3rd.

And Bartolo Colon was FANTASTIC.

The Mets took advantage of two glaring mistakes from the opposition, and as the cliché goes, "that's what good teams do." Never before in the 10 years I have been exclusively following the Mets have I been so confident. In 2005, 2006, and so on...(except in the waning days of 2008...) I was cocky about the Mets chances, as the Mets were themselves.

Now, I can say with a straight face that the CONFIDENCE this team has in its ability this year to perform at a high level has not only rubbed off on me, it has seemingly rubbed off on many Mets fans, who are ready for this team to break out with more than just a 2nd Wild Card berth.

I want to take down these Nats. And everybody else in our division. And everybody else in the Baseball World.

It's going to be tough, something the cocky one never understands.

But the confident ones can do their jobs better knowing how tough it is going to be.

It's taken a while for me to truly understand that.

But better late than never, right?

And better late than never for the New York Mets.

We have arrived. No reason not to aim high.


The Eisenhower Executive Office Building

The Library of Congress

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