Monday, April 13, 2015

Come Together

Well, that wasnt so bad.

We couldn't get swept by the Braves with so many good vibes coming out of Washington. It's so clichè...but play .500 ball on the road, rock out at home.

And we're ready to rock out with you, Metropolitans.

I'm MORE than ready to rock out.

As I write this, I'm sitting on the B train in my bright orange Mets T-shirt, ready to transfer to the 7 at 42nd Street/Bryant Park, although I have yet to hit DeKalb St, LET ALONE the Manhattan Bridge (at the time of this specific typing...) The Citi still feels so far away, yet if all goes right, and the MTA follows through in the time I'm accustomed to on their best days (and those are dwindling 😕) then I will be there for at least the first pitch, though of course unfortunately missing some pomp and circumstance.

I'm mostly interested, though, in getting to Mets baseball.

So, let's raise the American buntings, and fly the American flag.

Let's stare at those championship flags flying high in the outfield and aim to put several more up there in our lifetimes.

There's no better time to get some good Metsian vibes underway, even if they're still working through some kinks.

It's time to rally round the Mets.

It's time to kick some ass.


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