Thursday, May 8, 2014

What THEY Said

Don't think that my absence on here has meant I've been too busy to be paying attention to the Mets. I'm ALWAYS paying attention to the Mets, but I clearly haven't been paying attention to putting my experience into words on here. For what has just happened, today, I will let the Mets Fan Incarnate speak for me on that:
They couldn’t pitch in Denver. They couldn’t hit in Miami. Throw it all into a blender, designate a deserving scapegoat or two for assignment and you wind up pouring yourself a tall glass of mediocrity, which is more or less the best you could hope for in the short term. We probably figured that in March, which doesn’t signal the end of the world, only a continuation of what was coming all along. There’ll likely be quite a bit of blending the worst we anticipated with a few not so unpleasant surprises.

Yeah. Laugh it up, Terry.
And that's because Terry Collins isn't the man to man the ship when this team is finally ready to compete. I wish Wally would just be the guy already, but that's not going to happen in the middle of the season. I like Terry and I like the respect he garners, but he needs to be reassigned. Period.

Another link I wanted to bring up is the below about changes that (could really never be) done because of structural issues but would have been nice when you got the only chance you had. AND something Brendan Weingarten suggests I was JUST SAYING to a couple people at Citi Field the other day (well, I said they should have built left and right field reversed):
I love going to Citi Field, but there are some things I would change. For instance, I would take out the Upper Decks in LF. It’s an unpopular place to sit at Citi, and is almost always empty. It blocks a great view of the Flushing Bay, which is only visible between the gap of the LF Upper Decks and the Scoreboard when you sit in the first base-side Upper Decks. There is a barely visible Out-Of-Town Scoreboard that seems like it’s an afterthought. Maybe not now, but once the money is there, and we don’t need more to spend on players, I’d rip these seats out...It would make for a big concourse, and allow the view of the bay in. On the concourse, there could be statues of Seaver, Carter, and Piazza overlooking the field that would make Citi more unique. Concessions with a more open view to the field, and a larger horizontal out-of-town scoreboard where the building behind the upper deck is would make for a better fan experience. The cutoff would be where the Acela Club (Large LF Restaurant behind foul pole) stops.
--Brendan Weingarten, Take the 7 to Citi 
First of all, and I didn't put this as a comment on the guy's page yet, but I think structurally, since they said they couldn't do much to the outfield walls because of structural issues, taking the entire left field side out would probably be impossible without some major restructuring that would probably be extremely complicated. Let's be honest: no matter how much of a joy it is to take a game in at Citi Field, they half-assed the whole place and didn't do enough to make it their own. I was looking around and thinking about Flushing Bay out there the other day, and I said that they should have designed the place in reverse. They should have had the large upper deck on the right field side and have left field open with Pepsi Porch or whatever. The only thing I can think of is that they just thought that was an ugly view, with a highway and an airport. Bull. It's the charm of Flushing Bay and Willets Point. Embrace the place you live in. My God. As my fellow Rising Apple writer, the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger Mike Lecolant, has stated: You only get one chance at some things in life.

Lastly, I will have Greg Prince speak for me once more:
I took part in a little Mets fan group therapy Wednesday night on the Rising Apple podcast. Listen here and heal thyself.
With Greg, Steve Keane of The Kranepool Society, The Brooklyn Trolley Blogger, Rich Sparago and myself, there are plenty of amazing quotes to go around.

Enjoy the off day, everybody. As the cliché goes, they can't lose today.

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