Monday, April 21, 2014

The Curse of Ike Davis is Thwarted...For Now

First of all, start this post off by watching this video.

We are already reminded of the things we will miss from Mr. Isaac Benjamin Davis in his first couple games as a Pittsburgh Pirate. Personally, I feel Ike has star quality, and with the type of star quality that could have soared in New York. I have stated many a times on here that I have a "The Duda" jersey. My preference, however, has been Ike Davis at 1st base. I have faith The Duda can do what we want him to do in this lineup, and he's actually not too shabby at 1st, but I wish Ike Davis where still a part of this team. With the way the team fell flat on their face minutes after learning he was no longer a Met, they probably felt the same way before eventually moving on.

They hadn't yet Friday night, but Saturday night, they had a bit more energy by the end of the game when they started to rally, but of course fell short. They pulled it out on Sunday in the 14th, and if there was anyone in need of a game-winning sac fly, it was Curtis Granderson. Hopefully that clears the head.

The Mets now look like, over the course of 18 games, what they've generally looked like since 2011.

Home: 3-6
Road: 6-3

There's many ways to theorize why this is, some of which Mike and I did on the Rising Apple Report last night. Along with wrapping up the series in general, we talked about Citi Field, the Mets franchise as a whole, and a random-but-not-so-random-in-context Knicks/Nets rant from Mr. Lecolant. A great way to wrap up a weekend of baseball that had its ups and always, really.

The Cardinals series coming up, followed up by a Marlins series I'm probably more worried about. This should be an interesting next 7 games. Maybe there'll be a new shortstop on the other side of it since 1st base got cleared up finally....Sigh.

The bottom line is always....
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