Saturday, May 10, 2014

Searching for Carolyn After Another Mets Loss

I hadn't been planning to go to last night's Mets game. I actually made a "responsible" decision after earlier having deciding to go. I said, "At some point, I really can't afford all this, can I?" Then, a friend of mine whose company was selling tickets for groups of children to go asked if I wanted to buy 3 for $40. I told him I would only go for free right now, unfortunately. He said, "Fine then, for free," and we figured out when to meet.

Well, I really can never pass up free Mets tickets. If I were able to afford every game, I'd attempt to work around going to every game :D 

Oh, jeez. I've been texting too much...

Anyway, I went to the game ready to be an Upper Deck Roamer with my 525 section. Tip for those that buy an upper deck seat: Just go sit in sections 512-518 until the Mets are good again and people start crowding the place up. Right behind home plate, arguably, outside of it being really cool being really close, the best seats in the house. You can see the whole field, and they made the place so intimate that there's never "too far away" and you just watch baseball from the angle of the whole diamond. It's beautiful.

That doesn't mean that when my former boss asked if I wanted to meet and he gave me a ticket to get into the Delta Club and we went and sat in section 12 that I would turn down being field level.

It's just a different way of viewing things. Neither are necessarily better than the other, but it's loads of fun seeing the players actually look human-size for a change.

Well...speaking of the "players", the Josh Satin-for-Eric Campbell move makes loads of sense. Here's a dude who hasn't done a lick for us this year, regardless of whether he needs playing time, compared to a super-utility player in Eric Campbell that is CRUSHING it in the PCL. This was a slight digression, but I bring this up first because Josh Satin looked as horrendous from up close last night as his demotion states he did.

So, the Mets squandered opportunity after opportunity and they clearly deserved to lose. You just feel it in the air on night like last night. It was nice to tie it up...but I'm tired of saying that.

In extras, I started talking to a lady behind me named Carolyn (don't know if that's how we spell it...) but we seem to hit it off in conversation and were both equally as pissed off at the way the Mets go about things these days. And she was even more pissed off because her roommate, who was a Tigers fan and wished he wasn't still at this long and excruciating game had said to her "I hope the Phillies win." (Oh, yeah, forgot to mention...before it went extras, it took a freakin' 4 hours for 9 innings...for a 3-2 extra-inning loss)

Now, let me first say that I've NEVER done anything like this. I've never gone online looking to find someone who I met that I was unable to get contact information of, let alone write about it soliciting contact. She and her dude roommate (made clear...) kept going while myself and the group I was with were still in the Delta Club. I last saw her heading towards the subway, probably 200 feet ahead of us.  The subway can fit a lot of people on one train. Who knows where she may have gone to? But it didn't feel like exchanging information would have proven fruitless.

Again, I would normally be very reserved when it comes to doing stuff like this. But hey, you only live once, there's a side of me that a hopeless romantic (not to make anyone think I think this is going ANYWHERE...) but I felt like conducting a social experiment in the age of devices before fate could potentially have us run into each other again at a future Mets game. So, if you're Carolyn from Brooklyn who's a Mets fan who talked to a Sam and was in Section 12 with her dude roommate at the Mets 3-2 loss to the Phillies last night, or know Carolyn from Brooklyn who's a Mets fan who talked to a Sam and was in Section 12 with her dude roommate at the Mets 3-2 loss to the Phillies last night, I'm easy to get in touch with. My email should be somewhere off that way ------->


Firstly, I am doing a Brooklyn Ballpark Bike Ride Tour on my Bedford & Sullivan podcast at 5pm ET today with the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger and fellow Rising Apple writer Mike Lecolant. He'll be calling in as I go from the Ebbets Field flagpole at Barclays Center to Washington Park to Ebbets Field and some other parts of Brooklyn. It's an extended episode, and we'll go for 2 hours. Make sure to tune in.

And secondly, I filmed this video at the Mets 7-6 extra-inning loss on April 26, where my friend Adam Spiegel shares "False Facts" about random Mets fans. Take a watch.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


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