Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Patiently Waiting

There is so much noise that goes on with this team. It's probably a catch-22, a "which came first? The chicken or the egg" when it comes to passing around blame. Is it the players? The Coaches? The owners? The Market they play in? One does not happen without the other, and the other does not happen without one. When you look at this market, there are at most 3, and at least 2, teams you can point to that don't seem like they are a parking lot circus filled with dysfunctionality. It can even be argued against those "functional" teams having their crap together, but the bottom line is they win.

And of course, that is the whole point. That is what it comes down to, and that's why some of us boo: because what we just saw wasn't winning. Forget the ones who boo Jason Bay on his way to the batter's box, not afterwards. Curtis Granderson receives a sound ovation on his way to the plate. We're as loud as ever cheering him to get that runner home from 2nd, and though I personally wouldn't boo him after his strikeout, other people think nothing of it when the former free agent is batting .136 (he has gotten it up to .208, leading the team with 25 walks, with 6 HR and 22 RBI as well...yes, with 56 Ks, but we knew that was coming, and the guy seems to have gotten his legs under him after signing with a new team and spending most of last year on the DL...but I digress...)

The point is, as loud as the boos are when you're not doing well, even louder are the cheers when you get that base hit, or have your back is against the wall with the bases loaded, 2 out and up 2 runs. We're there for you. You're family. No matter the distractions and the things that get on our nerves, we're there for you...well, at least the ones still coming to the ballpark, and the Mets are currently lucky they got those.

But cynicism aside, it's people like the Mets Fan Incarnate and Ben Rosenfield above in that Pittsburgh television freeze-frame that prove the last thing anyone within the organization should blame are the fans.

No matter the background noise, all we want is to see this team win, to see this team hold onto leads more often than not, and more often than lately.

So, do things more often the way you did things last night....other than the pace. You all have GOT to pick that up.

Sidenote: THIS happened last night, and it was awesome. Keep rapping, Fitty. And way to show off the uniform to the rest of the world. The best in the biz, if you ask me. 

Also, great interview, Kevin.


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