Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hear it on a Podcast

After the Mets won 5-0 yesterday afternoon to finish the rocky homestand on a high note, I took part in a podcast doubleheader, as did the host of the 2nd podcast.

First, Taryn "The Coop" Cooper of A Gal for All Seasons joined a jam-packed 76th episode of The Rising Apple Report, which also included Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing. With Rich Sparago hosting, we also welcomed a fellow screenwriter, Brian Winett, who is looking to raise funds to buy the LA Clippers and turn them into a non-profit institution that puts the money invested by the customer back into the community. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Mets fan who doesn't believe that our issues stem from the top down, so it is fascinating to have the conversation and hear Brian explain his vision.

Oh, and we also debuted the new opening jingle, performed and recorded at my neighbor's studio The Smooth Spot (check it out for all your recording needs!)
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Directly after the end of that show, I headed over to NDB Media, where Coop was waiting and ranting in The Mets Lounge. We kept up discussion on what Dave Hudgens had to say about the fans booing at home, as well as Sandy stating that payroll will go up when revenue goes up. With lots of folks feeling that was another shot directed at fans, I mentioned that I think we might be misinterpreting who Sandy was ribbing with that comment...

I also recapped my transformation from Yankee fan to Mets fan, which was a lot of fun to go over.

Lots of time before the Mets start a 5-GAME SERIES against the Phillies tonight, so do yourself a favor and bask in the sounds of what might be perceived as Metsian therapy these days.


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