Friday, May 30, 2014

Just Like That

Though the Phillies were rather sloppy (especially Carlos Hernandez at 3rd base), the 4-1 win last night in Philly is almost EXACTLY how the Mets drew it up.

Get a lead, have the young starters shut the other team down, grow that lead, then have your young bullpen get the outs in the backend of the game, and dominantly.

It's games like last night where the Mets show us how far along they actually are, and you see, especially contrasting it with where the Phillies are, that things aren't as bad as we sometimes like to make it seem when screaming that "the sky is falling."

"It's just an acorn, son..."

Anyway, that's game 1. There are 4 MORE TO it's October or somethin'...It's not...just in case anyone was confused...


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