Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What this Jew Likes About Christmas

You know what I like about Christmas? The warmth. And the comfort.

Thank GOD it's not 66 degrees outside anymore, so I can ACTUALLY warm myself with an overcoat and a pair of gloves. It's so comfortable, you guys! And it might snow a bit too tonight, too!

I have a funny relationship with this environment and atmosphere that us humans have created with this thing we call Christmas.

You see, my mom is Jewish and my dad is born Christian  So, though memories in general are fuzzy when you're 2 or 3, as soon as I heard about this thing called Santa Claus, the 2 or 3 year old version of me probably said a rendition of, "Well...Why wouldn't I want THAT?!"

While raised as a Jewish boy, I certainly sat on that fat man's lap a bunch of times. I remember when I  was...probably 3 (this memory HAS to be that early...) I remember being at my aunt and uncle's place in Northern Virginia, concerned that the sled I wanted wouldn't arrive because I hadn't gotten to talk to Santa, and ON TOP of that I wasn't at the place I generally reside. When I got the sled in the morning, my mom explained to me that she got to stop Santa on his way from house to house and he just so happened to have an extra sled on him.

Remember...This is the JEWISH mother from BROOKLYN telling me this.

I sat on Santa's lap till I was 9, I think. Then, I moved to New York.

And Christmas in New York. I know it's cliche but man, this place is so awesome.

And the music? Timeless. Classics. Many written by Jews, in fact.

And that's the thing. There's just something about the holiday time that just feels good. And you don't have to be religious to enjoy the feeling around, even if today most people in the world are at Mass celebrating Christ.

It's a good feeling to finish the year getting and receiving. They both make you feel good. Certain people just don't have to get so crazy and emotional about it. And it feels good to be around family, no matter how much they make you crazy sometimes.

The colors of green and red look good this time of year. The energy of the city surrounded by those colors just makes you driven, and excited, and ready to take on the new year ahead.

And the music. Did I mention the music?

So, enjoy the time that will be had tomorrow. Soak it all up and enjoy the warmth and comfort of the holiday season. It's a good time of year, and I'm ready for the next one to arrive.

From this Jew to you, Merry Christmas everyone.
And the only way to end it is...

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