Friday, December 20, 2013

Musing 'Bout the Mets

Last night, I was thrilled to join Gary Mack on his Mets Musings podcast, bringing with me a dose of the sounds of New York City (which is beginning to be a podcast habit of mine...) as I walked through midtown Manhattan and over the 59th Street Bridge, heading to Sunnyside, Queens.

We talked Mets, the blogs and podcasts of Rising Apple and Bedford & Sullivan, Brooklyn, New York City, and of course, more Mets.

If you don't regularly listen to Mets Musings, do yourself a favor and follow the show on iTunes or whatever other medium you'd like. Gary is a very astute, long-time Mets fan who produces great Metsian conversations for your listening enjoyment.

Enough of me typing. Press Play.


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