Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Toast to 2013

I just got off work at the wine shop in Hell's Kitchen, today being a CRAZY day for the wine and spirit industry. I was upstate for a day, then got back to the neighborhood 20 minutes before my shift started at 2:00PM. I wish I was able to say more about this year before the 11th hour of 2013, but alas, the fates just didn't work that way.

So, I raise the glass of whiskey I just poured to the year 2013. It was a transition year for not only the New York Mets, but for myself as well. I wasn't able to recap it like I could have, or pick my favorite moments, or any of those things that run rampant on December 31st. The best I can do for now is to salute the entire year that was. It was a weird one, but a fun one for sure.

Here's to you, 2013. 
And I welcome you with open arms, 2014.
Happy New Year.


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