Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just in Time for Potential Moves...

....Is when I have to keep it a bit quiet on the Metsian Front. I have one week left of school for the semester, and other than tomorrow's Rising Apple Report, I need to zone out to finals and such. 

Five players were not tendered a contract for the upcoming season, two of which were notable surprises in Jeremy Hefner and Justin Turner. The former is out for the year with Tommy John and Justin Turner is an inexpensive versatile bench-rallyer. Both could be back, though, on smaller deals, especially Justin Turner, who seems to get a bad rap from some fans, though he can play basically all over the infield, hit admirably in the clutch and off the bench, and is always the first to cheer from the dugout and enthusiastically greet a player on their way back in.

Then of course, Ken Rosenthal reported that Sandy Alderson met with Curtis Granderson, which isn't surprising at all. The Winter Meetings are coming, and he has a lot to prepare for. I was initially against the potential signing of Curtis Granderson, but the more I think about it and hear other people's thoughts, he does make a lot of sense. Though I certainly feel his power numbers are inflated by that joke of a stadium called Yankee, he still has a lot of power to be desired, not to mention he is a plus defender. Plus, we know he can play in New York.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll chime in here and there, but there is the possibility the Converted updates trickle in rather slowly.

So, let's hope for there to be a lot for us to discuss next week when school wraps up for me.

For now, enjoy this Random Nothing of the Day.


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