Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Enjoying Some Salmon

I enjoy salmon, too, Mr. Granderson. I am guessing it tastes even better when discussing a multi-million dollar deal...

(Yeah, yeah...yesterday I said things might slow up here on Converted, but I couldn't help myself.)

It sounds like talks to wrap up Curtis Granderson for Mets fans as an early Christmas (or last night of Chanukah) present are heating up. This weekend, Grandy and Sandy had a nice meal together, a "Q&A session" of sorts, with that pink fish EVERYBODY SHOULD LOVE (sorry...I really like Salmon and always have a quizzical look on my face when someone says they don't...sorry. I shouldn't judge. Oh, and it has nothing to do with the initial syllable resembling my name...)

Rumors are swirling, so something might have come to fruition since I started writing this. I'm gonna just finish the post and see what happens, and tell you to tune into the Rising Apple Report at the end of the day, when we will not only be discussing any new information regarding the Granderson reports and other Hot Stove news, but will be talking to Phil, a die-hard Mets fan and the owner of the Two Boots Pizza franchise. And of course, we will discuss this week's number 49 as it pertains to the Mets players who have worn it.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everybody.
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