Friday, November 22, 2013

Metsian Greetings from an iPhone

Yeah, I could schedule these if I had time to write them and then do so as such, but last night and today...not so much.
So, I figured since I have this Blogger app, I might as well use it to maintain this Mets blog of the Converted type. I am working in place of the on-site manager at the Fairmont, a building at the corner of E. 75nd Street and 2nd Avenue. Am I neglecting my job right now by blogging from my iPhone? No. I'm putting it down when tenants call to put in work-orders or when I have to pass that work order onto the handyman, and other duties of that nature.

Just got word regarding the OF Chris Young signing. Besides the motivation to have every Chris Young ever to play in the Majors wear a Mets uniform, I'm fairly certain they didn't sign the low-average power hitter to start. Clearly, though, until they sign somebody who is not viewed as a reclamation project, every deal like this, or any minor league deals (which every team makes, you guys. They have to field teams down below as well), will be greeted with snide remarks and cynicism. Really, until the Mets have at least a winning season, nobody will trust anything anybody in the Mets front office and ownership says or does. It's a precarious situation the Wilpons have put themselves into as they try to hold on to the team through the Madoff scandal, losing seasons, the low attendance that brings and the debt soon due from Citi Field loans.

Man, I wish this app wasn't so limited so I could embed the Random Nothing of the Day for you. I've voiced my displeaure with the Blogger app before, but really, I shouldn't complain like some of the guys in those Seinfeld clips I post. It's just not as funny they are when complaining.

If you feel so inclined, head over to Youtube and plug in "Kramer cancels his mail." That's my Random Nothing pick for the day.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone.


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