Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Metserans Day

Firstly, Happy Veterans Day to all.

I could never put myself in a mindset to do what any soldier does. It's just not me (and if I ever lived in a time with a draft, I'd get rejected because I have one flat foot.)

It's remarkable and admirable to me anybody could put themselves in that mindset. So, I do more than applaud. I give them a standing ovation. And to quickly get into politics (which I hate doing) more needs to be done to help these people out when they get home. You know what? That's not even getting into politics. That's just the right thing to do.

As to the above pun of Metserans Day? I'm surprised no one else has done that pun. (Though they probably have, and I'm just not searching hard enough.) In the concept that is developing as I type, I figured I'd honor some Mets who performed their admirable Metsian service duties.

Listen, I'm not saying being a Met is as grueling and difficult as being a soldier, you know, how Tom Cruise said acting is as grueling as being on the ground in Afghanistan. I have a background in acting, and while it CAN be difficult and sometimes have you performing physical stunts you wouldn't normally do in your own real it as difficult as zoning out and doing what you need to do while actual bullets whiz by your head, keeping your composure and not freaking out, flipping out or panicking?

Shut up, Tom Cruise. Just stop talking. You're embarrassing human kind.

Anyway, here's some random Metserans.
(sidenote: What was Pedro doing before that picture was taken? He looks...tired.)

And all of those guys.

Here's the Random Nothing of the Day.


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