Friday, November 15, 2013

Regarding Jhonny Peralta, I Yield the Floor To Rising Apple

By now, it is well-known amongst the Mets fan base least the ones who monitor the Hot Stove at obsessive levels...that the Mets met with shortstop free agent Jhonny Peralta at the GM meetings, which is a rare thing to do at the annual November event. Generally speaking, these meetings are exclusively executives, and it helps lay the groundwork for potential deals that could take place either before or during the Winter Meetings in December. When you're coming off a 50-game suspension, however, it makes sense to be as active as early as you can.

Mike Lecolant of Brooklyn Trolley Blogger and a fellow Rising Apple writer says everything perfectly about why that number would be outlandish for the Mets to pay, and also quotes a well-informed Rising Apple reader. I suggest you click on this link and read Mr. Lecolant's opinion of the entire matter.

Over here, however, we have a Random Nothing of the Day. And this one ain't too long so you can press play, then in less than a minute get on with your day.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.


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