Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stop Comparing Different Eras' World Series TV Ratings

Every year around this time, articles are written about how only 14-15 million people watch the World Series games, as opposed to 50-75 million people of '86...or '73...or whatever. And how that's "just sad." How it's a problem for baseball.

Stop it. Just stop it right now.

I think logic dictates that this isn't that surprising. And logic dictates that you cannot even remotely compare the numbers to former times in America's television watching past.

Please people, come on. It's rather simple.

There are thousands of channels now and the internet, and whole new generations with completely different priorities than watching a baseball game.

Don't get me wrong. Of course I believe they SHOULD be watching a baseball game, but think about it...

Take 40 years ago when the Mets were taking on the A's in a 7-game World Series.

The average game that year got 35 million viewers.

If we look at the New York region, there were roughly 13-15 channels to choose from.

And no internet.

And less televisions per household.

Most television households now have thousands of channels on cable. And internet. AND on-demand on both the television AND the internet.

Is the problem that America is less enthused about baseball?
Or is the problem that there is so many things to distract us at any given moment?

That's a loaded question, but to compare different eras in terms of World Series television ratings is a complete waste of time.

In fact, I'm done discussing it.

Guess what we can find whenever we want on Youtube?


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