Monday, October 14, 2013

If Not Beltran, Where Do the Mets Get Another Run Producer?

(Some people might say, "ANYWHERE ELSE!!!")

This morning, I wrote on Rising Apple that I felt it made all the sense in the world for the Mets to bring back Carlos Beltran.

I'm not gonna repeat myself too much here, so please click and read on the above link.

The Mets could go the trade route now that they have more commodities in the Minor Leagues to potentially trade for a young, proven, under-team-control run producing outfielder...

But when you look at the free agent market, now that Hunter Pence is off the board (having extended with the Giants) Beltran actually makes a lot of practical sense to bring back to the team as on a short deal whose dollars won't be obscene like Jacoby Ellsbury or Sin-Shoo Coo, the latter who the Mets would sign for leadoff purposes anyway.

One pitch, however, a Mets career does not make. I am not living in the past or being sentimental when I say #BringBackBeltran.

The ones who solely blame him for 2006 are living in the past.

(Though I get that in a sense. Mets fans remember Mookie Wilson fouling pitch after pitch off before the wild one was finally thrown to bring in the tying run in Game 6 of '86. So, in their eyes, Beltran could have at least done that with the curveball...but that was a damn fine curveball.)

Anyway, I know the Mets are considering all options, and I'm fairly certain Beltran will be one of those options in their eyes.

Anyway, send yourselves over to Rising Apple.

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