Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Mets Highlight of the Day

So, we got ourselves the 4th all-time installment of the Red Sox and Cardinals World Series matchup. It was fitting back in 2004 that Boston, who at the time had lost twice to St. Louis in 7 games (1946 and 1967), had to beat their Fall Classic foes to "reverse the curse" after exorcising their Yankee demons.

Now, though I'm a HUGE Carlos Beltran fan and will always wish him the best (that swing is so sweet...), it will certainly sting to see him win his first World Series with the Redbird on his chest. The series should be a great one, and I expect it to go either 6 or 7 games. Let's Go Red Sox. I can't do my usual thing here and root for the NL team.

Clearly, there is too much Red in our October faces, and not enough Orange and Blue. We crave that feeling in this (finally) chilly Fall air once more, and will have to wait at least a year till those Metsian hues are in our eyesights this late into the season.

I don't care what any of you say, however you find a way to complain about every bit of news or no news that comes across your brains. The bottom line is we love this game, we love this team, and there's no way in the Fall of '68 when the Tigers and Cardinals took each other on in the World Series that people were saying, "Don't worry. We'll finally see the Mets in the series next year."

So, as the old adage goes...Wait 'till Next Year.

For now, though, for the sake of a quick smile and for the sake of maintaining this blog, I present to you the Random Mets Highlight of the Day.

In the stream of consciousness that is me writing this right now, I have yet to pick this Random Met Highlight.....So, let's see what we can find...

Yeah...This'll do.


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