Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keep These Random Mets Highlights Comin'

After using Mo's last game in Queens for yesterday's Random Mets Highlights, I'm going to keep the theme of these Randoms to 2013 until the World Series is over...or the awards are over....or whatever. We'll see how it goes. But I enjoyed this season, as I enjoy all Mets baseball seasons (except, as I've said before, 2009.) But it's a credit to this game that we even have some nice Mets memories from that awful year, like Omiracle and Angel Pagan's Grand Slam (which was the last till Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran did it in 2011 at the Tigers.)

Anyway, to a Random Mets Highlight in 2013 we go.

I wonder what it's gonna be....

Let's go to the Videot..echem....Youtube....

I guess my theme continues to be 2013 walk-offs for the 2nd straight day. It'll get even more random as the week goes on.


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