Thursday, October 31, 2013

And Onward Into the Offseason We Go.

Well, those Red Sox Fans saw a World Series won on their turf for the first since 1918.

They took care of business, and of course, with Shane Victorino up with the bases loaded once more....

(Until now, I didn't even notice the crowd singing Three Little Birds...I wonder what song I'm gonna go with down below...)

And isn't it lovely to see Yadir hang his head like that?

So, here it is. I have been waiting with bated breath- What am I talking about? My breath hasn't been BATED at all!!!!!

The offseason has finally arrived. All the debate about what the Mets will or won't do....well, I guess it will continue, but this time with actual action or non-action literally right around the corner.

Enough speculation. Time to see it for ourselves.

(Sidenote: I am conducting a special Halloween edition of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast at 12PM ET. The former SF Giants owner Peter Magowan, who grew up a baseball Giants fan in Manhattan and was instrumental in helping to keep them in San Francisco and in signing Barry Bonds, will be on the program. Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder Duke Snider (and a 1963 Met) once said that he hated Halloween because it shared the colors of black and orange with the Dodgers' rival, so it is fitting to have someone so connected with the franchise on today. Make sure to tune in.)

So, cue up the free agents. 
Strike up the trades. 
Bang on the hot stove drums and bring us a championship again.
The 2014 New York Mets are closer than they seem.
It's your move, Mr. General Manager.
Let's see what you have up your sleeve.

God, I love baseball.

And I love the New York Mets.


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