Monday, November 4, 2013

Frantically Waving Goodbye to Frank Francisco

The day after the World Series, 7 Mets became free agents, including a man who a good amount of money was wasted on.

Frank Francisco was a part of what was supposed to be a revamped bullpen in 2012, and signed with the Mets for 12 million dollars over 2 years.

Well, when he did pitch for us, he wasn't very good, and when he wasn't pitching for us, he was satisfied to sit back and laze around while collecting his multiple millions of dollars.

Word is he tried to convince Jenrry Mejia to just chill in Florida, a young man just at the beginning of his career and attempting to gain back his status of being a phenom after injuries and incorrect handling by the Mets.

Sounds like Jenrry was happy to NOT listen to the guy. And though he finished the year needed elbow surgery, he showed how good he can be in the Majors with a solid string of starts.

Now, we should always take sources and reports about people in the public eye with a grain of salt. It is easy to judge based off of things we hear in the media or based off of what we see on television.

Sometimes, though, somebody's true colors just shine through, and this isn't the first time Frank Francisco has come off looking like a douche.

No matter how much the Mets probably wanted nothing to do with Frank Francisco by the time he came back to the Mets later in the 2013 season, it probably made them happy to know he was doing the opposite of what he wanted to do, which was actually earn his money pitching on a Major League mound.

So, our team is freed of an albatross, and who knows what other team will want to pick up such a negative influence?

Goodbye Frank Francisco.

I wish you no success whatsoever.

I wish you all the success in the World.


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