Friday, September 20, 2013

You see, the thing is...

It's not like I'm not paying attention to these 2013 New York Mets. Generally speaking, my ears lock into Howie and Josh when gametime comes around because this is what I am currently living; this is the baseball I am currently experiencing. Even if I am also enveloped by the 1938-1939 Brooklyn Dodgers offseason.

You see, I finished a 2nd draft of the Bedford & Sullivan pilot and though who knows how close to "finished" that draft is, my readings have inspired me to get right onto writing a 2nd episode. The first season could be 8-13 episodes (I am leaning on the former) and I am trying to figure out how that timeline will go, since I have an endgame of October 1941. That will all need to be figured out and written down before the whole thing is put into script form, but it never hurts in my current state to be ongoing with writing all this down for the screen.

A lot has changed since 1939, but one thing that hasn't changed is the impression rookies want to make. The Mets now have 84 losses but who cares? We keep watching (totally just stole that from Greg Prince) for moments like the other night where years down the road, even if most of these rookies' names won't travel far in the annals of baseball, us Mets fans will see them next to each other and remember that time when Andrew Brown, Juan Lagares, Zack Lutz, Juan Centeno, Matt den Dekker and Josh Satin all contributed to a 4-run come-from-behind 9th inning that gave the Mets a walk-off win in yet another "meaningless" September. Though I wasn't presently conscious as it went down, it is such a thrill, and I'm sure others felt the same way, to wake up the next morning and go, "The Mets walked off last night?!"

So, I'll keep balancing the retro with the modern (which, in this sport, becomes the retro immediately therefter.) I may not write about the current incarnation of New York National League baseball the way I did its 2012 counterpart, or in the early months of this season, but they are certainly with me every step of the way.

And you never know how much one week or one weekend or even one game of Mets baseball may inspire me to write a bit more....

Have a great Friday everyone.


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