Monday, August 19, 2013

So, uh, There's Baseball at 2

No. We should have not split that San Diego series.

No. Matt Harvey's wins should not still be in single digits (though I do like the number 9...)

No. The Mets should not still be 10 games under .500.

They should not have been 4-6 on the originally scheduled road trip.

Though, hey, Travis d'Arnaud made his debut 'cause John Buck Baby Watch ended. He did not collect his 1st hit yet, but he did collect 2 walks yesterday. So, that's cool.

Now, the Mets head into Minnesota today to finish the 3-game set from April.

I wouldn't be surprised if the temperature rapidly dropped and it snowed by 2PM ET, you know, for continuity's sake.

It always feels like bonus baseball, but only in the moment.

The void was felt in April.

Can we seriously just sweep this interleague series?


Enjoy the beginning of your week, everyone.

Here's a Random Song.


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