Friday, August 16, 2013

The Exhausting West Coast

I was totally up for the first game in LA, but I've been feeling under the weather recently and clearly it annoyed me as much as anybody regarding the Mets defense and the bad umpiring.

The 2nd game, I was near Gameday, but mostly avoided the happenings after checking in on it right before Matt Harvey fell apart with only a 1-0 lead.

And the 3rd game...Well, I conked out right after hearing LaTroy give up the tying run, checking the score when I woke up.

So, it was nice to hear the Mets get some go-ahead and winning runs in last night, even though I was halfway in and out in a Benadryl stupor.

Though I am looking forward to hearing the game when I get off from work tonight, I expect sleep will come along with it as well, hopefully waking up when Howie yells, "Put it in the books!"

Here's to that.


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