Friday, July 5, 2013

Off the Grid in Glen Cove

While the Mets were apparently losing the way they sometimes do in extras, I was lying by a pool with a circle on my phone where it normally says "3G," with only 1 bar to my name. EXACTLY what most of us truly need on a holiday like July 4th if we are afforded the time off. 

I had never been to the area of Glen Cove (part of the famed "Gold Coast" of Long Island) and if you haven't either, the mansions are quite a sight. It is only the 2nd incorporated city in Nassau County, the other being Long Beach, and the neighborhood I was in I was told used to house the likes of J.P. Morgan, Charles Pratt, the Vanderbilts, Woolworths, etc, etc, etc. When we walked to the beach with the sun setting directly in front of us behind was was most likely Mt. Vernon, NY, I turned around and saw what weren't houses but basically kingdoms sitting on rolling hills that looked out to the water. I probably would have guessed Morgan or Rockefeller had names not been dropped into my consciousness.

The only thing I really saw regarding the Met game was the score and the headline, "Mets kept tying it, but let opportunities to win slip by in 15," at 10 last night.

Sounds like a familiar refrain.

According to the calendar I just looked at, the Mets won't be home again till the 19th, when Nas plays a post-game concert after we've hopefully beaten the Phillies.

MIL tonight, then SF and PITT next week.

Let's turn around what has been a letdown the last couple of games, though it clearly won't be easy against the above mentioned opponents.

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th's.


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