Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catching the Good Stuff

On Wednesdays, I get out of class at 10, with no moment to check the score before, mostly not to be rude.

Well, it seemed last night was easy peasy, eh?

(I'm sure it's not as little as I think, but how many 28-year-olds use the phrase, "Easy Peasy" these days?)

In another age, there is no way that Shaun Marcum doesn't get a complete-game shutout, or at least attempt to get a complete-game shutout.

We're not in that age, however, and Shaun Marcum, who, let's face it, was injured for a good portion of last year, might have lost it the way he did in the 20-inning game where the Mets had no pitchers left. Plus, Bobby Parnell hadn't pitched since Friday, and there in front of everybody was a save waiting to be had.

So, no surprise here of Terry Collins' decision. Though it would have been fun to see the man with 9 losses finish what he started for his 1st Mets win.

You know, I'm just realizing I haven't even seen one video from this game? I gotta get on that real quick...

Meanwhile, before the game, Dan Haefeli, Danny Abriano and I Rising Apple Reported about Zack Wheeler, Rafael Montero, and speculative trades, along with plenty of other things New York Mets.


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