Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And the Irony is Lost on Mo One (Badum...)

As I arrived home with the radio in my ears and Mo on the mound, I certainly thought how ironic it would be that the Mets, who honored him with throwing out the ceremonial 1st pitch, would see him save Matt Harvey's 1st loss of the year. The combination of Mo's track record (along with the Citi Field 300th save he knotted) and the Mets offense's ineptitude lately, one can imagine how little faith ye could have that what went down would go down.

But it certainly was a beautiful thing to hear, and lovely to watch as the highlights rolled in. 

I may even watch the condensed game in a little.

But for now, I got a little self-promotion to deal with:

The following is my new site regarding a premium cable period piece dramatic series called Bedford & Sullivan, a show about Brooklyn, it's Dodgers, and how both were affected by the rapid transition into Modern America. Read all about what I have in mind and where we stand.

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