Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4 NYY/NYM Games in a Row Makes So Much More Sense

Heading to Ninth Avenue Vintner to start my shift at 5, Yankee fans and Met fans alike headed to the Times Square subway, commencing 4 days that let's the novelty not have a chance to wear off. "Get it done in Queens, and then in 2 days we'll head to the Bronx"; so much more sense than, "Let's get it done in Queens, and then in about a month we'll head to the Bronx." A week of New York Baseball, then let's split up till either next year or in a miraculous Subway Series this October. Perfect.

And what a way to start it off than with another emotional come-from-behind victory over a rival. These kinds of games are what help endear the Mets to us, and more often than not when the 2013 New York Mets have won at home (which doesn't seem all that often, does it?)  they have done it in dramatic fashion. They've been so listless lately, though, that these kinds of games come as a surprise to us. Jon Niese's performance, however, is not surprising, because I didn't think we had all that much to worry about with my fellow southpaw, even though he clearly had some things to correct and settle into. He had another bad inning last week, but the start before that combined with last night warrants much optimism that Jon Niese will be what he knows, the team knows, and we know he can be.

And I don't think we can overstate Daniel Murphy and David Wright's roles on the New York Mets.
(nice catch, by the way, Brett Gardner. Couldn't take that go-ahead RBI single away from Murph, though.)

Nice to win a game before Harvey Day, ain't it?

Anyway, new blog dropping later, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Let's. Go. Mets.

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