Monday, May 6, 2013

Adjusting to a New Schedule (that doesn't revolve 'round the Mets)

This past year, my schedule has been so that I've gotten more used to following the Mets for the majority of my day than following (or doing) anything else (relatively speaking.) It's been wonderful, and I have gained new skills and sharpened old ones, with my love of the Metropolitans and baseball increasing ten-fold. I have met some fantastic people in this Metsian circle, and look forward to even more excellent acquaintances.

Suddenly, and for the better, my schedule is beginning to fill up with other things besides the trials and tribulations of our favorite NY Orange and Blue team (no disrespect to the 2nd favorite, our New York Knickerbockers.) Though I know I will put it upon myself to post on a regular basis, don't be surprised if it gets quieter around these here parts moreso than at other relatively quiet times in the blog's history.

The most exciting part of my altering schedule is the time that will be filled with screenwriting courses at the New School starting in June. I am BEYOND thrilled to have been able to even register for the classes (thanks to a man who seems to find a new photo of me as a Yankee fan everyday...) and I look forward to making the most out of the learning experience.

In the short-term, today's regularly scheduled podcast has been moved to the 'morrow, and the regular schedule will become more scattered, depending on the Rising Apple team's availability episode-to-episode.

Thank you, as always, for your continued patronage. It never goes unappreciated.

Enjoy the offday everyone.
Here's the song of the day.


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