Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That was REALLY wacky, you guys...

I'm not really sure if I've EVER experienced what all us Met fans have experienced since Friday...

Yesterday (I'm sorry, now TWO days ago...) we were all unfortunately thrown off course by the chilling events at the end of the Boston Marathon course, but with somber hearts and our thoughts with those directly affected, we march forth.

Over 70 hours went by without a Metsian pitch, and by the end of the day, we're unfortunately with 2 more losses on our 2013 record.

Here's a recap of the 1st game I wrote on Rising Apple, and here is Danny Abriano's Rising Apple recap of the monstrosity we just witnessed.

I'm going to sleep.

...Or one more episode of Mad Men...

...or just sleep.

Whatever I do, more Mets to discuss tomorrow (especially if there's YET AGAIN a postponed game...)

You. Have. GOT. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

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