Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Alright to Wear the Road Blues

At some point throughout this season, we and those players will most likely Wear the Road Blues. The Nats might have scored 6 runs quickly, or Justin Upton might do what he did to a particular Marlins pitcher last night... 

...or Madison Bumgarder might shut us down. Whatever it is out there away from these City Lights, many of us Mets fans and maybe some players afterward will be inclined to throw some Muddy Waters into their ears and look towards better days.

But when the Road Blues come attached to a 7-2 win like that (which I go over more in depth in my recap on Rising Apple) I'll wear the Road Blues any day.

What a fantastic uniform. 

(I will be getting the jersey one day, I'm just not yet sure who will be on the back.)

And so, we recognize that the Mets have decided the Orange and Blue cap is a day-game only item, and I can't say that's not the right decision. I like the way they look with the snow-whites, and it is clear the Mets have gotten much more consistent with their day-to-day uniform decisions, with the snow-whites generally making appearances on day games as well (unless Johan is pitching at night...which he unfortunately won't be doing this year.) My question is whether we will see the blue uniform together with the Orange and Blue cap, as it was first presented to us, and my gut says...yeah, of course. I don't see them not trying the blue uniforms out during the day either at home or on the road, and if their day-game pattern of caps sans Opening Day (when they wore the pinstripes and blue cap) is any inclination, the only cap they will be wearing during the day in 2013 is the Orange and Blue cap.


I can dig.

I just don't dig a non-day game in Philly this week. But I guess with the off-day the schedule-makers didn't care to give them some extra-travel hours.

First Road day game is Saturday in Minnesota, but that's a 4:10 start, so, Sunday at the Twins is a 2:10 start. Then, the Mets play a day game in Denver next Thursday, April 18.

We got what is turning into the usual match-up of Gee v Lee tonight, where we all chuckle at the rhyme every time. Should be a good one once more, but I don't expect Cliff Lee's pitches to be as flat as where ever Roy Halladay is in his career/season right now. 

Looking forward to seeing us battle for the series.

So, wait a sec...that was just the 1st road game of 10? We all have to wait 10 more days to see the Orange and Blue in Flushing again?


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