Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And So, There is No One

My main concern with this Hall of Fame vote was whether or not Mike Piazza was gonna get in. I have my problems with the idea of a "first-ballot" vs. a "not first-ballot" hall of famer, which, along with the steroid speculation I also have a problem with, combined to predictably keep our iconic catcher out for at least one more year. BUT, his vote total, 57.8%, is a very optimistic number regarding his long-term Hall chances.

Being a baseball fan, this entire ballot intrigued me and I am not surprised (except for the Biggio exclusion and Curt Shilling's low total) that no one got in. My stance on steroids requires a whole 'nother post, but all I can say regarding the statement made by the BBWAA is that I am looking very forward to seeing how the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum gets shaped over the next decade.

Though I will not be joining them this evening, Matt Musico and the Rising Apple Crew (this week consisting of Danny Abriano and Dan Haefeli) have got all the Mike Piazza Hall of Fame talk covered on tonight's Rising Apple Report podcast, which promptly begins at 6:30PM. They'll also be discussing the Wilpons' finances, which will, as always, be an ever-enthralling topic.

I will be on Taryn "The Coop" Cooper's A Gal for All Seasons podcast, however, with fellow Rising Apple writer Kevin Baez, tonight at 7:00PM. She covers many sports on this show, with an emphasis tonight on Hockey and the Mets, with the lockout over and the Hall results, respectively. It's a podcastic evening with the two shows back-to-back, so make sure you tune in!

This blog lately has been mainly Random Songs and pushing podcasts. That will continue, but I WILL be getting back to the cream of this blog's crop real soon. Coming up in the next week or so will be a few 2012 stories, capped with a video I've put together of a game from last year, so be sure to tune in for that.

For now, enjoy the podcasts and a Random Song, brought to you by the Big Bad Baseball Gypsy, who has been listening to ELO for 3 straight weeks.


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