Friday, December 14, 2012

On December 14th, More Clarity Than Ever

What? You thought I was talking about the R.A. Dickey situation?

Yeah, right.

No, I'm talking about myself.

I'm don't really care much about all that trivial stuff going on.

I'm sorry, that was phrased incorrectly.

I care DEEPLY about all that stuff going on, and follow it throughout my days.

I just haven't wanted to write about it lately (on top of some technological difficulties on my end.)

You see, when I said I moved, I didn't say where I moved to.

Right now, if you want to get literal, I have most of my belongings in the basement of my mom's upstate house. Here, I have been living since the first of the month, on my own, going through my stuff and getting some writing done. I am inbetween jobs and inbetween places, with a family that cares deeply for my well being and is affording me the time (and space) to find myself. 

The isolation is a great opportunity to dive head first into certain creative endeavors, endeavors I know will help deeply in 2013 to turn screenwriting into my everyday profession, but I haven't gotten it nearly ramped up enough yet.

So, today, on December 14, 2012, when I would love to focus and write about everything Mets and baseball, I realize more than ever before I really have to just have to focus on myself.

So, enjoy your weekend everybody! I will be traveling back to the city this evening for some social gatherings, including Greg Prince's Book Release Party.

But after the fun... 
Some work must be done.


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