Monday, December 17, 2012

C'est La Vie

Of course, right after I say I'm gonna pay less attention to the Mets in the middle of December, everything blows up.

Over a year ago, right before Jose Reyes left, I purchased a Blue Dickey Throwback.

Oh, the irony.

As we got further and further into all of this and it became more of a possibility that The Knuckler could be traded, I successfully removed all emotion from the ordeal and realized it was in the best interest of the Mets to explore all options. I knew my favorite player wouldn't be traded if it wasn't a trade that HAD to be considered and executed.

Well, I must say, this could potentially be a real big win-win deal.

You're offered two of the best prospects in baseball, one who is the best prospect at a position that you DESPERATELY need to fill, you make that trade no matter how "Really Awesome" the guy you're trading might be.

This is the position we are in as a franchise.

Enough whining, please.

These are the cards we have been dealt, and because of it we had to get creative.

And I believe Sandy and Co. have done great jobs in their time here getting creative.

I had already planned on tuning in to the Blue Jays more this year because of Reyes.

But now....


Matt Cerrone said something on Metsblog I feel and I'm sure a lot of other fans feel as well:

"I know this is a business. But, even still, Dickey may end up being the first player I actually root for, and go out of my way to watch, as a fan of his, after leaving the organization. I usually cut ties pretty easily, but he’s different. I don’t know why. He always struck me as a normal guy who happens to be really good at one facet of baseball, as opposed to a born-and-bread, entitled athlete trying to act like a normal guy. I admire and respect that in him, and it made him endearing in a way I don’t ever recall seeing before in sports. It’s actually why I’m kind of glad he’s with Jose Reyes now competing against the Yankees. I can root for them both, at the same time, with the same goal. Dickey is awesome, easy to root for and I hope he continues to have success in life on and off the field (unless of course he’s competing against the Mets)."

Even before he said that, I have been seriously considering getting a Powder Blue Jays Dickey Throwback to complement the other.

I wonder how many Mets Fans just made the Blue Jays their serious American League Team?

BUT, when it comes back to it, of course we're stayin' true to the Orange and Blue.

And that was none more evident than on Saturday at Foleys. As the trade was coming together, a bunch of us Mets fans got together to celebrate the release of the First Base of the Happiest Recap, written by blogger and author extraordinaire Greg Prince. It would make sense to spend part of the Dickey trade weekend with the Mets Fan Incarnate. But there were certainly others in the room giving him a run for his money.

In fact, and I can't tell ya who got it started, but as somebody quieted us all down and thanked us for coming, somebody else broke into a "Meet the Mets" rendition, and quickly the entire room was singing the Fight Song. It felt like this was our Alma Mater. Like a Members Only Club, getting together in a memoribilia-laden, no-cell-service basement room in a bar in Mid-Manhattan, singing our song. Smiles on our faces.

There was a Santa-con girl standing on line for the bathroom right outside the room with the most dumb-founded look on her face as to why, on a Saturday in the middle of December, "Meet the Mets" was being sung.

We love this team.

Even if, to get back to the promised land, the Knuckleball Wobble must unfortunately be sacrificed.


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